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To build the famous brand of China's environmental protection equipment

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  • Oil fume air purifying machine

  • Outdoors

  • Outdoors

  • New wind system

  • Barbecue oil smoke air purifying machine

  • Barbecue oil smoke air purifying machine

  • Technology leading, safe and reliable

    At present, the company has advanced production, processing and testing equipment, and high-end R & D talents, and has high-quality, highly skilled machining team, so our products are more secure and reliable.

  • Professional oil fume treatment, environmental protection and durable, high standard selection, strict control quality

    Our company's kitchen oil fume system transformation, the design ingeniously lets you away from the fume.

  • Pre sale, good after-sales service, let you get not only cooperation

    We have the quality policy "the pursuit of high starting point, create zero defects, let users more satisfied!" We have to sell the concept of "Joint National dealerships, together with future new wealth". Our company's product package installation and teaching, welcome new and old customers to negotiate the purchase!

  • We win trust by quality, win the future with service, and give you the whole service

    After 2 hours after-sales service response, 12 hours processing, product delivery, such as the quality of free exchange of problems.



  Henan oilrig Green Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional and integrated green technology enterprise. The company has focused on the everdemand of green and environmental technologies. With newest technologies as the core and outstanding talent development as the backing, our company makes full use of technologies and experiences from domestic and international environmental organizations, in order to shape our own brand and as well strive to create a green, environmental protection, energy saving and low-carbon lifestyle.As the core technology of our company, "molecular high-pressure filtration" ......


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With sophisticated technology, to meet the needs of users; honest, provide quality services

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油烟净化器常见故 障及检测修理方法
些刚开始使用油烟 净化器的朋友可能不太了解,有些故障是很简单的,自己就可以检测与解决的。......[Details]
你知道油烟净化一 体机特点是什么吗
油烟净化器商场越 来越巨大,越来越多的企业挤 进了这个商场,百般油烟净化器品 质长短不一,消费者货比三家后 ,依旧向来摇旗不定 ,不晓得若何采用 ......[Details]
使用油烟净化器的 小常识你知道多少
油烟净化器的出列 ,让人们告别了昔时 那种油烟密布的年代.当前人们的厨房都 很整齐清洁,穷部分都是油烟净 化器的功效.利用油烟净化器也 是有必需技能......[Details]
餐饮油烟净化迫在 眉睫需安装油烟净化器
油烟净化一体机与 烟罩式油烟净化器的优缺点
孩子咳嗽老不好 ?厨房油烟惹的祸
河南欧瑞格环保科 技应邀参加2016届中国(郑州)国际环保产业展览 会
欧瑞格 - 绿色、环保、节能 的生活新主张

厨房油烟净化器的 注意事项 厨房油烟净化器的 各风管的接驳处需采取防漏风措施。为保证设备的传染效力.与设备进出风口毗 连的变径风管要尽量平顺,为保证设备的传染效力。必须装配长度比管径大4倍以上的直管,并 采用平顺的管道来连接.所以设备轻风机的 风管连接时必须采用软连接。

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